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Homeshare is not a new concept, there are many people already sharing their life, by taking part in Homeshare programs, an elder and younger person are living together, exchanging services and helping each other.

Nowadays, Homeshare programs are already developing in many countries as:

  • Population ageing is unprecedented, a process without parallel in the history of humanity.
  • In the economic area, population ageing will have an impact on economic growth, savings, investment, consumption, labour markets, pensions, taxation and intergenerational transfers.
  • In the social sphere, population ageing influences family composition and living arrangements, housing demand, migration trends, epidemiology and the need for healthcare services.
  • In 2009, the number of older persons had surpassed 700 million. By 2050, 2 billion older persons are projected to be alive. (World Population Ageing 2009, United Nations)

Likewise, there are many people who need accommodation and are willing to give some help.

Homeshareworld.com raise as an alternative for the fast increasing of elderly people and it can be perfectly complementary with the use of professional care services. At the same time, it is already benefiting people who lack housing.

Definiton of Homeshare

Homeshare offers a simple, effective and low-cost way of meeting housing and support needs.

Homeshare can help people to live the lives they wish to live in their local community. It is a low cost preventative service, because it helps families and communities to provide more for each other rather than relying on expensive interventions by the state. It can bring people together across divides of age, ethnicity, class and culture.

Homeshare is a simple way of helping people to help each other. A Homeshare involves two people with different sets of needs, both of whom also have something to offer. Householders are people who have a home that they are willing to share but are in need of some help and support.

Homesharers are people who need accommodation and who are willing to give some help. Prudent matching of both groups gives the Householder the help and security they require and the Homesharer the home they seek, both at reasonable cost.

Householders must have a home or property that they own or rent and which is suitable to accommodate another person. Both parties must be willing and able to commit to the arrangement for an agreed length of time, although this commitment is not binding.  



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