Benefits for people with support needs

Omar is 42 and has a learning disability. He lives in a three-bedroomed local authority property in outer London. Omar lives with his Homesharers, Kat and Joe, who are a young couple from New Zealand. Kat and Joe support Omar to care for his pets and remind him to attend to his personal hygiene. Everyone in the household shares the shopping, cooking and housework tasks. Omar and Joe both like to watch Western movies, regularly go to the local pub together and are members of the darts team.

Joe works at a garden centre which is very close to Omar’s home, resulting in a very short daily commute. Joe brings home unwanted plants and helps Omar to incorporate them into his garden which is beautiful as a result. Joe and Kat give Omar the confidence to meet new people and visit new places, in a way that he would not be able to do on his own.

Omar has a part time job, is an active member of a local support group for people with a disability and is also a regular at a drop-in club where he has many friends. The Homeshare Programme Coordinator met Omar through work with this club. Omar has become an ambassador for Homeshare, helping the Co-coordinator to make many more useful contacts.


Benefits for people who lack housing

Anna is a student nurse who moved to Sydney, Australia from Europe and was very concerned about the cost of housing in the area where she works and studies.

Anna contacted the Homeshare program run by the Benevolent Society and was successfully matched to live with Irene, who wanted some support in order to continue living independently.

Irene has a beautiful house in the most expensive area of Sydney. It overlooks the harbour and she has lived there for many years. At the top of the house there is a bedroom, bathroom, small sitting area and outside terrace that are used by Anna. Anna would never have been able to consider living there without Homesharing.

Anna is able to use a moped to get to work and college and has also saved money and resources she would have used to travel had she lived elsewhere. Anna hopes to buy a place of her own in the near future once her studies are over and she gets a full time nursing position.


Homeshare maintains and strengthens community life

Mrs. Booth is 82 years old and has a Homesharer called Nina with whom she has shared her home for two years. Mrs. Booth has a husband who has dementia and who lives in a nursing home in a nearby town.

Mrs. Booth has a large number of friends, family and community links and loves to entertain and keep in touch with people. She no longer has the confidence to drive and has become more isolated. She was finding it difficult to visit her husband which was very distressing for both of them.

As part of the Homeshare arrangement, Nina drives Mrs. Booth to visit her husband every day and also helps her to spend time with her friends and to cook and entertain at home.

(Source, NAAPS, Good Practice Guide 2011)

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