What is Homeshare?

Homeshare offers a simple, effective and low-cost way of meeting housing and support needs.

Homeshare can help people to live the lives they wish to live in their local community. It is a low cost preventative service, because it helps families and communities to provide more for each other rather than relying on expensive interventions by the state. It can bring people together across divides of age, ethnicity, class and culture.

Homeshare is a simple way of helping people to help each other. A Homeshare involves two people with different sets of needs, both of whom also have something to offer. Householders are people who have a home that they are willing to share but are in need of some help and support.

Homesharers are people who need accommodation and who are willing to give some help. Prudent matching of both groups gives the Householder the help and security they require and the Homesharer the home they seek, both at reasonable cost.

Householders must have a home or property that they own or rent and which is suitable to accommodate another person. Both parties must be willing and able to commit to the arrangement for an agreed length of time, although this commitment is not binding.  

How does Homeshare work?

1. Homesharing arrangements allow Householders and the Homesharers to share accommodation and family life. It provides benefits to both the Householder and the Homesharer.  Despite of having several Homeshare programs, basically, the Homesharer is provided with affordable accommodation and the Householder with help with household and other agreed tasks.  The homesharing arrangement also provides companionship and the opportunity to learn from each other.

2. Homesharing is a voluntary arrangement. The Homeshare Agreement cannot be treated as and does not create a contract of employment.

2.a There is a trial period of 30 days where householder and homesharer will decide if they want to go on with the agreement or they may to give up.

2.b The Agreement may be terminated:

a. Upon 7 days notice during the first trial month and thereafter at any time by either party upon one month’s (30 days) notice

b. Immediately if either householder or homesharer decides that there has been gross misconduct by either party, an irreconcilable breakdown, a serious breach of the Agreement or some other factor affecting the safe and satisfactory continuation of the homesharing arrangement. In that case the Homesharer will vacate the property immediately, leaving the property and the Householder’s possessions in good order and condition, returning any keys to the property to the Householder and paying any money owing.

3. The Homesharer occupies their room on a license arrangement. The Householder will respect the Homesharers’ privacy but reserves the right to access the room if necessary. The Homesharer does not therefore have exclusive use of their room and their occupancy does not create a tenancy.

4. The Householder and the Homesharer are responsible for insuring their own possessions and insuring against any risks arising out of the homesharing arrangement.

5. The Householder is responsible for ensuring that their home is safe and free from hazard. The Homesharer has however a responsibility for safety in the home and is expected to act as a responsible household member.

6. Any dispute between the Householder and the Homesharer will be referred to the “Voluntary Homeshare Agreement Model”.

7. The Agreement may be reviewed on request by either party and in any case once every 3 months from the start of the Homesharing Agreement. Amendments to the Agreement can only be made with the approval of both parties.

8. Homeshareworld.com works primary as a database where both parties can find their online match, and there will not be a Program Coordinator following the matching process, but  participants must look for and find their match according to their convenience.

However, Homeshareworld.com, will enable a contact address where you can ask and express all your questions, doubts or suggestions, which will be promptly answered following the standards set on Homeshare Good Practice Guide as well as previous experience of all Homeshareworld.com team members.

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